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Apostle Willie F. Wooten was born and reared in Columbia, Louisiana.  After meeting his wife, Kathleen, he graduated from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 1965, with a degree in Education.  Immediately after graduating, he was commissioned as an officer in the U. S. Army and served one year in the Vietnam War.  Apostle Wooten completed service to his country with the rank of Captain.  Before becoming a pastor, he held employment in various disciplines in marketing, insurance, drilling engineering, employment with Fortune 500 companies, and was an instructor of mathematics at Southern University at New Orleans.  Apostle Wooten pioneered home bible studies and provided oversight for approximately 40 such studies in his early years of ministry.  Apostle Willie F. Wooten and his lovely wife, Kathleen, have two beautiful children, Sean and Tracy (Jeffery).


Apostle Wooten is the founder of Gideon Christian Fellowship, a multi-cultural church located in New Orleans, LA.  Along with his pastoral responsibilities at Gideon, he serves as apostle of ministries in the United States, Canada, South Africa, and India.


Apostle Wooten is the author of “Breaking the Curse off Black America,” a God-given revelation concerning the maledictions of African-Americans and God’s desire for confession and repentance and prayer to take place, in order that this ethic group can truly be free.


Apostle Wooten ministers with a powerful apostolic-pastoral anointing.  His passion is to equip, train and release the saints to do the work of the ministry and to fulfill the call of God on their lives.  He has a burning desire to raise up apostolic houses of prayer for all nations and also to restore nations back to their moral and godly foundations.  With a strong prophetic voice, he has had a positive influence in the governmental arena and has been instrumental in preventing ungodly laws from being enacted within the state of Louisiana and also throughout our nation.   

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