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Our belief in apostolic prophecy is a foundational ministry of the Church that provides an Apostolic/Prophetic covering for five-fold ministry gifts within the local church and a network of independent churches that come under the direct leadership of Gideon Christian Fellowship.  This ministry endeavors to facilitate and develop leaders and relationships among ministries and ministers, thereby assisting in the advancement of their gifts and callings. 


The ministry ensures that sound, structural relationships are being maintained with an emphasis on accountability between ministers to walk in integrity and practice Apostolic/Prophetic protocol.  Within the Apostolic/Prophetic Ministry, various leadership teams have been developed in strategic areas i.e. Prison Ministry, Government, Christian Education, Prophetic Ministry, and Evangelism.  Finally, an Apostolic/Prophetic School was birthed to teach and train believers to gain a paramount understanding of apostolic/prophetic ministry in order that their gifts can be strengthened and exercised to the fullest measure.

Children's Ministry

The Gideon Christian Fellowship International Children’s Ministry will provide instruction in a loving, nurturing environment, and instill confidence in children 12 years of age and under, purposing that their hearts and minds are remolded by God’s Word and that they will know how to apply Godly principles to their daily lives as they move toward the goal of true maturity in Christ.

Celebrate Life Ministries

Celebrate Life Ministries reaches out to women in crisis pregnancies. Women need loving support during this vulnerable time in their lives, and our volunteer staff follows Biblical principles that encourage women to pursue a choice better than abortion. We reach out to every ethnic background, sex, religious persuasion, and financial status; through free pregnancy tests, confidential counseling, referrals, and information on pregnancy, medical care, finances, and adoption our goal is to reach all women.


Contact Us:

Pastor Aneita Paige


Order Our Steps Dance Ministry

Mission Statement

The Gideon Christian Fellowship International Dance Ministry is a company of believers commissioned by God to praise and worship Him through Holy Spirit-inspired choreographed and/or spontaneous dance, in order to be used as channels of salvation, healing, deliverance and exhortation to others in the local assembly and various venues as directed by Holy Spirit.


Vision Statement

The Gideon Christian Fellowship International Dance Ministry will enhance the development of others called to the ministry of dance through training (basic dance technique) and education (biblical principles of dance).


Purpose Statement

The Gideon Christian Fellowship International Dance Ministry will impart to others – through the medium of dance – that which God desires to communicate for a specific purpose and at a specific time.

Women of Valor Ministry

Mission Statement

The mission of the Women of Valor (WOV) is to bring together women whom God has given a vision for their lives to begin walking in their gifts and callings and to arise and take their place in the Kingdom of God; and above all, to be strong prayer worriers.


Vision Statement

To see women, who have been chosen by God, pursue their purpose and destinies, so that they can advance the Kingdom God by accepting, pursuing, and fulfilling their assignments as leaders.


Purpose Statement

We exist to encourage, equip, promote and challenge women in their journey as disciples of Jesus Christ, to reach their full potential as they are led by Holy Spirit.

Athletes for Christ Ministry

The mission of Athletes For Christ Outreach (AFCO) is to develop the spiritual and physical well-being of our youth, to encourage interdenominational relationships between Christian Bodies, and to draw souls to Christ through athletic competition.

Additional Ministries

Praise and Worship Team - Music Ministry  - Sound Ministry 

Youth Ministry  - Ushers Ministry  - Street Witnessing Team 

Nehemiah Team  - Intercessory Prayer - Men’s Ministry 

Prison Ministry  - Literary Works Ministry - Help’s Ministry 

Crisis Care Ministry - Professional Health Ministry 

Administration Ministry - Apostolic Government Ministry

Nursing Home Ministry - Altar Workers Ministry  - Prophetic Team 

Celebrate Life Ministries

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